Ducking in — NFD D-Day

NFD Reveal, NFT Deployer + Next steps


Price follows a bonding curve and starts from 1200zil. The curve is as flat as possible, to incentivise our supporters to participate in the initial launch event (more on that later).

Buckle in, we’ll cover any questions you may ask in this article.

How do I get an NFD?

As the price of an NFD follows a bonding curve, in the event of two buys within the same block, only one transaction will pass through to mint.

NB: After purchase, please allow some time for our backend to mint you an NFD.

Duckstore interface

For LPs who participated in our reward scheme from the 26th of May to the 2nd of June, you will be able to burn the NFT voucher you received for an NFD.

NFT voucher (LP reward 26/05–02/06)

If your wallet contains the LP voucher, you will be presented with a unique interface that allows you to burn the voucher for an NFD.

LP voucher owner interface

NFD Reveal

The NFD reveal will occur after one week, by which buyers will be able to view their NFDs and its attributes. During the reveal week, the story behind the NFDs will be revealed.

On the reveal day, we plan on hosting a discussion online where we discuss the next steps for the NFDs and reveal some of the other projects we have under feathers (under wrap, get it? I need to come up with new duck puns).

NFD Rarity Table

There are 4 rarity classes: Common, Uncommon, Rare and UltraRare. Each individual asset is thus associated with a likelihood percentage.

The rarity tables will be released during the reveal event.

Example of Rarity table for Outfit attribute

How can I manage my NFD?

After the reveal, the Regenerate button will become accessible to NFD holders. $DUCK token holders will be able to regenerate their ducks to obtain a rarer one if they wish.

For renaming the duck, please refrain from using any profanity and/or slurs.

What do NFDs give you access to?

Notification for the Pool Watcher tool

A presale sniping bot is also under consideration and may be released based on necessity and demand.

Another benefit of holding an NFD is paying a heavily discounted rate for our NFTDeployer. Through the NFTDeployer, users are able to deploy their own NFT contracts. These NFTs can then minted and sent to zil addresses.

Other features will be revealed very soon.

NFTDeployer Interface

NFTDeployer & Minter

Deploy Interface

Once the contract is deployed, users are able to mint their NFTs. To mint an NFT, there are 2 options.

Option 1: Use existing URI

This option allows users to use a pre-existing link to media. In this example, I have used a YouTube link as a test.

Use existing URI

Option 2: Upload file to IPFS account

For this option, users are able to upload any files on their local drive onto IPFS. Users will need to specify the address to which they’d like to mint the NFT. Batch mints are possible by adding the addresses with the plus button. Once this is completed, the minted token will be displayed at the side of the screen.

Upload files to IPFS


NFTViewer Interface

Users can transfer their NFTs to other addresses. NFTs can also be burned from their wallet.

Another feature is Import Contract. Users are able to import any ZRC NFT contracts and view them. Users will be able to view and manage NFTs from many Zilliqa projects like UFFSports and Mintable.

For Free.

What next?

In the next article, we will explain how NFD buyers can auction their NFDs on Mintable.

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